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Staging Services

We help homeowners prepare their homes for a quick sale at top dollar. Our
sophisticated staging allows your home to stand out against the competition. Staging services
include vacant staging, occupied staging, and in-home consultations.

Vacant Staging

Fully furnish your empty space with furniture, accessories, soft goods & artwork

Let us show buyers the lifestyle they could gain from purchasing your well-kept and beautifully furnished home. After your move-out, we stage the key rooms of your vacant property prior to your listing photos and first open house.

We focus on customizing each stage to reflect the neighborhood and wow potential buyers. Leaning into our unique style, we utilize carefully curated furnishings and thoughtful designs to provide the best possible staging services on the Treasure Coast.

Occupied Staging

Supplement your own furnishings with tasteful additions from our inventory

Will you be living in your home during the selling process? Have you begun to donate, sell, or pare down in preparation for the eventual move? Need just a few (or many!) extra items to really make your home shine? After a quick in-person assessment of your space and furnishings, we will provide a custom quote for any supplementary items needed.

Presale Consultation

During your presale consultation “Walk-and-Talk” we will assess the entire property to discuss easy and affordable strategies to increase its perceived value before photos and bringing it on the market. The consultation takes about one hour and the fee is $350.  The clients can then use the suggestions and make the necessary changes themselves.  We will also create a custom staging proposal to have the home professionally staged. Staging can include rugs, furnishings, accessories and art that will be installed by the LB team and our movers. The consultation fee will be credited toward the staging when it is booked and scheduled.

Before and After



What is the cost to stage my home?

The cost of staging will vary from home to home, however we base our prices on the property’s square footage (the bigger the house, the more $$) and the rooms to be staged (the more rooms, the more $$). Contact us for a custom proposal and accurate pricing information for your project.

Why should I stage with Life Beautifier?

Our ideal staging clients are ready and eager to prepare their homes for the market. We typically serve clients in the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches Our inventory consists of tasteful, neutral, contemporary furnishings, with a range of accessories, art, and soft goods to fit the specific stylistic needs of your home. Our staging team has an exquisite eye for design trends, new and enduring, to appeal to today’s buyers. We take exceptional pride in our work and our clients’ experiences.

How far out do I need to book you?

Our business fluctuates throughout the year with the real estate market. It is best to reach out as early as you may be considering staging your home. On occasion we have last minute availability, however 2-4 weeks ahead of listing is the ideal time frame to reach out.

What is your process for bidding my project?

We can usually provide a proposal for your staging project after a quick conversation to gather the following information: 1. Property address, 2. Property square footage, 3. Rooms to be staged, 4. Desired stage date. Our proposals are sent via email, and to book a project we require a deposit and signed contract. We will then schedule a preview before your stage date to plan inventory.

Can I select the furniture that you will use in my stage?

Due to fluctuating availability of our inventory items on a daily basis, agents/homeowners cannot pre-select/reserve the furnishings to be used in their staging project. We aim to entice potential buyers while maintaining mass appeal with artfully selected items. We suggest that potential clients review our portfolio to gain an understanding of our design aesthetic.

What should I do to prepare for the stage?

We ask that all work or repairs by contractors, painters, etc. is completed and that the property is professionally cleaned several days in advance of the stage date. Electricity and plumbing must be functional. We require that the property is accessible upon our arrival via lockbox with key, door code, garage code, etc. and all codes must be provided prior to stage date.

How long will the furnishings stay at my property?

At this time, our contract length is 60 days with the option to roll over into a prorated month-to-month contract if needed. We require notification of the tentative close date within 48 hours of the home going under contract. We typically remove furnishings within 7 days of closing day to ensure Financial Commitment from the buyer is finalized. In all cases, we ask for 10 days minimum notice for furnishings removal for scheduling purposes.

Do you need me on site while you are staging?

Short answer: No, but thanks!

Long answer: staging is a jam-packed process of moving, unpacking, arranging, re-arranging, and styling. The resulting mess poses potential for accidents, while client questions and convos slow down our work process. For these reasons, we ask that the property be vacated by the homeowner, agent, cleaning crews, or contractors on stage day.