1. According to nytimes.com, potential buyers form an opinion within the first 15 seconds of entering a house. They will only look around a vacant home for 5 minutes, however they linger about 40 minutes in a furnished home!

2. Home Staging won't cost you a dime! A 2012 Home Gain Survey of 2,000 Realtors showed that home staging provides a 586% return on investment for the homeowner! Plus the staging fees may be tax deductible.

(please consult with your accountant)

3. Staged home will receive about a 10% higher selling price than non-staged homes and in hot markets it sell up to 20% higher!

4. Staged homes sell 4 times faster than non-staged homes!

5. From a RESA study of 63 homes, a non-staged home was on the market an average of 143 days before bringing in a stager. Once staging was done, the first offer was received in 40 days.

6. From a separate RESA study of 481 homes, if staging was done BEFORE the home was put on the market, the seller received their 1st offer in 23 days, selling 87% faster!

7. For homes between $500,000-$999,999, a RESA study was done which showed a non-staged home sitting on the market for an average of 140 days. After staging, they sold in 48 days, which is 89% faster than non-staged.

8. Staged home photos look better on the MLS, bringing in more foot traffic!

9. Buyers view a staged home as well maintained & move in ready, leading buyers to ask for less concessions when making an offer.

10. 9 out of 10 clients cannot look past the emptiness of a vacant home or the decor/clutter of a furnished home which has not been staged.